What We Do

Your only home for 1:1 Personal Training, ELDOA  , Small and Large Group Training, and Nutrition Coaching.  We are your partner in health bringing you cutting edge practices and methodologies to fully optimize your body's potential!




Numbers don't lie. We help teach you to take your own measurements to help you see your progress.




Movement alone doesn't get you results. Our Nutrition Coaching will help you maximize your potential!





Through proper movement, we help to balance your body to help it work more efficiently and look the way you want it to.





We are not here for workouts or meal plans. Instead, learn how to change your lifestyle for the better!

What is studio hf and is it for me?

Studio HF is your home for cutting-edge training modalities to fully optimize your body.  We focus on functional movements and proper form to bring your body back to balance.

all of our classes are multi-level classes with regressions and progressions of the exercises for any given day.  studio hf is for everyone looking to get the results they deserve!

What can i expect?

Each class format will have their specific goals based off the training modality.  The overall goal of studio hf is to help open the body up, activate proper muscles, and then reinforce certain muscles to get the body into balance.

proper form and execution will be constantly coached throughout the classes to make sure the body works how it should and not how it wants.  our goal is to make sure you can get everything you need in one place to completely optimize your body!

Why choose studio hf?

studio hf is all about your body and making sure you learn what it can and can't do.  the fitness industry has grown to be very trendy with many people getting injuries trying to follow a program that is not for them.

1.  master the form of your own body.

2.  stay consistent with different formats to not overtrain and get burnt out.

3.  understand that every day is different with your body and to give 100% of that given day with proper form.

your support team

I am here to teach you more about your body than you know!  By rehabbing my own body, I have learned so much and can't wait to show you what I know.

Kevin Cardone,


Head Coach

ELDOA™ Certified Trainer

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Mindy Jones Lee,

Integrative Health Practitioner,

Lead Nutrition Coach

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Kelly Cornier,

Member Support Specialist

2905 Jordan Court, Suite H

Alpharetta, GA 30004

E-mail: info@studioHFalpharetta.com

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